Monday, 10 August 2015

National Allotment Week

Plot 55 - latest

The time was and is marching on and was running out of it to carry on trying to dig into the concrete soil on my plot, so gave in and paid a man to rotavate it.

Then we had rather a few days work of rain and I couldn't get to the allotment to do anything. Finally when I did. I work until the sun went down and the residual light failed building my raised beds.

Plot 55

Hunting the internet for different frames to grow runner beans up as bored (and not so good at the traditional one). Made use of 5 fence posts from my parents that are no longer required, a very handy helpful friend of theirs, some tools, canes and cable ties and this is the result, quite chuffed.

Plot 55

The first lot of beans are in, in the newly built raised bed